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3D printing pen only attracts the mainstream relatively recently, but the tech has come on in the next level and bounds in recent years. The result is a product in reach yet a high-tech device that is small enough to hold like a pen but advanced enough to print as you move. whereas, In this purchasing guide, we’ve rounded up the best 3D pens on the market right now. However,3D printing pen extrudes liquid plastic, which quickly cools and sets, effectively allowing you to draw in mid-air to create a new kind of 3D art.

Unlike traditional 3D printers, these 3D pens let you move naturally to create and change designs as you go for maximum creativity. They’re also cheaper to get, take varying types of filament (including some that are eco-friendly), and nowadays are even comfy to hold and use. So which are the best 3D printing pen for artists and designers right now? Let’s take a look With the world becoming ever so little, and there is the least difficulty in finding the right talent for your creative project-however, big or small your ambitions are! Art will always get a lot of attention and with the arrival of technology.

How easily it is accessible, you no longer have to limit your creative outlets to traditional means like a canvas for that pretty scenery, a piece of paper for that jaw-dropping sketch, or even a conventional pen for that quick doodle over a cup of coffee. One such advancement that caught my eye is the rapid growth of the 3D printing world in creative arts.

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3D Pen OLED Scribble with PLA ABS Filament

3d printing pen-3D-Pen-OLED-Scribble-with-PLA-ABS-Filament
3d printing pen-3D-Pen-OLED-Scribble-with-PLA-ABS-Filament

This 3D printing pen is one of the best 3D printing pen cooling machines you will ever find in the market today. Its style and weight are excellent. Besides, it is effortless to use, which makes it one of my favourites.This 3D print pen comes with a compact feel, slim body, and a few buttons to make it easy and convenient for use. It feels great when you hold it and very comfortable to use when you start drawing. It heats up fast, the filament is easy to load and unload, and it is very convenient to operate. The design is user-friendly.

You can learn about its functionalities quickly. This best 3D printer pen comes in a comfortable and easy to operate design thanks to the following features. Whereas asy to load and unload – Has filament feeding and unloading button. Heats up and cools down fast – This 3D pen heats up fast, saving you from the unnecessary waiting time. This also ensures that your art is stable. Multiple buttons – Multiple buttons adjust the temperature, speed, and filament conveniently. PLA/ABS compatible – Allows you to use ABS and PLA filaments.

Organic Light Emitting Diode display screen OLED screen displays the speed, temperature, and material used Speed/temperature control – Has 6-speed control for varying speed and heat.

  • Features Multiple buttons for stable operation
  • Fitting is comfortable
  • Value for money
  • Comes with OLED Display
  • Control is 6-speed
  • Temperature is adjustable
  • Great CSR support
  • Has a short lifespan
  • Some items quit working after a few uses

Technical Specifications:

  • AdapterType: USB
  • Colour: Gold, Silver, Black, Rose Gold
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: 170*14mm
  • Weight: 35g
  • Voltage: 5V 2A
  • Filament: PLA/ABS Filament
  • Printing Temperature: Adjustable
  • Printing Speed: 6 speed


Scribble Is a very great product to buy this is value for money, In other words, its bank for the buck for the customers who are hunting for the best 3D printing pen..!!!


3d printing pen-TECBOSS-3D-Pen
3d printing pen-TECBOSS-3D-Pen

We are now down to half of our list, and this item is another one that is worth checking out. TECBOSS 3D Printing Pen is another great and high-quality 3D pen with good reviews from the customers; that’s why it makes it into our list. It has hundreds of positive feedback which convinced us to try it, and it impresses us so much.

TECBOSS 3D pen has a lovely design. It has a bulky shape, but it is slender in the middle, which makes it easy and convenient to hold. Which also includes adjustable temperature design, OLED display, and 8-level speed control. This 3D pen is effortless to use even for children age five years. Since the tip can become hot, it is recommended that kids use this under the adult’s supervision.

It allows you to adjust the speed accordingly so you can work comfortably is the best, and that’s what this tool offers. It comes with a patented ceramic nozzle and adjustable temperature so you can work in the right setting no matter what type of material you are using. The display helps you enjoy more fun and safe 3D printing experience. Finger Protector. This keeps the thumb and index finger safe from the heated nozzles.

This comes with a USB adapter and will enable you to use a power bank for charging. The company offers a one-year warranty and a lifetime after-sales support. Overall, this product is designed to be user-friendly and safe for children and adults. We love this and you will probably too!

  • Fit comfortably and naturally in the hands
  • Good value for the money
  • Has OLED display
  • Includes two-finger protector
  • Includes warranty and support
  • Withdraw button is not automatic
  • Sleep mode is too fast for some

Technical Specifications:

  • color: Black
  • Ean:0712201000627
  • Item Weight:54.4 grams
  • Model Number: QP0028
  • Part Number: Tecboss -1
  • Brand Name: TECBOSS


TECBOSS Is a very great product to buy this is value for money, In other words, its bank for the buck for the customers who are hunting for the best 3D printing pen..!!!

CREATE 3D Drawing Pen

3d printing pen-CREATE-3D-Drawing-Pen
3d printing pen-CREATE-3D-Drawing-Pen

This 3D drawing pen is compatible with both ABS and PLA filaments. It is safe and easy to use. CREATE 3D pen is a fantastic tool for modern arts and crafts and makes an excellent gift for family and friends on Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day and birthdays.

Unlike most 3D pens, CREATE comes in a fresh and attractive design. It features a one-key button control, which makes it easier for kids to operate. It also includes LED for power and heating indicators.

Also, when you use the pen, you won’t feel its size. It is lightweight, manageable, and effortless to operate because this is designed with your comfort in mind. Here are some of the features that make this 3D pen all the more manageable. It Heats up and cools down quickly therefore You will not need to wait long to use this 3D pen or dry up your art. It comes with a single button operation for a no-hassle, no confusion operation.

LED lights Indicate power and temperature, which makes the 3D pen more convenient to use. This fashionable 3D pen is equipped with an intelligent energy-saving function that enables it to sleep after 2 minutes when not in use automatically. It comes with automatic and manual modes and both of which are easily switchable for a hassle-free 3D creation and printing experience.

  • Portable
  • High-quality
  • Easy to operate
  • Packed with exciting and useful features
  • Heats up and cools down quickly
  • Automatically shuts down after 2 minutes of not being used
  • PCL materials can only be processed
  • Costly

Technical Specifications:

  • Filament Type: PCL 1.75mm
  • Colour: Black, yellow, red, pink, blue
  • Pen Dimensions: 160(L)x15mm (Diameter)
  • Net Weight: 40g
  • Nozzle Material: Ceramic
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.6mm
  • Sprinkle Speed: 120cm/min
  • Adapter Type: US EU UK AUPen
  • Working Voltage: DC 5V 2A
  • Heating Temperature: 70-80 degrees Celsius
  • Moulding: Three-dimensional moulding
  • Print Range: Unlimited


CREATE Is a very great product to buy this is value for money, In other words, its bank for the buck for the customers who are hunting for the best 3D printing pen..!!!

Leo Evo 3D Doodler Pen 

3d printing pen-Leo-Evo-3D-Doodler-Pen
3d printing pen-Leo-Evo-3D-Doodler-Pen

The Leo Evo 3D Doodler Pen is the best 3D Printing Pen & it declares that it is made for both experts and kids. Which means that while it does provide you with a lot of superior features that would be appreciated by experts and adults like speed and temperature control it also has a variety of features that cater to kids like doodle templates and a variety of colourful filaments that come with it.

Looking at the packaging, this best printing pen does not look like something you would get for an adult, but let’s not judge a book by its cover, or in this situation, a printing pen by its box. Getting the contents out of the box, you’ve got the best pen, some filaments, and some templates that will make your user experience much more convenient, or at least the user experience of your child.

To be honest, if I were reviewing the best printing 3D pen that was much more costly, the overall review would have been much more nitpicky; however, the pen and the features it offers you are aligning well with the price tag, so it’s a great value overall.

  • Price is great
  • Offers plenty of features
  • Features LCD Screen
  • Cannot compare with another 3d printing pen

Technical Specifications:

  • Brand Name: Leo Evo
  • Part Number: LEOEVO003
  • UNSPSC Code:41000000
  • Net Weight: 40g
  • Colour: Black, white


LEO EVO Is a very great product to buy this is value for money, In other words, its bank for the buck for the customers who are hunting for the best 3D printing pen..!!!


3d printing pen-LIX-PEN-UV
3d printing pen-LIX-PEN-UV

This small and smart best 3D printing pen from LIX is an outstanding choice for any expert looking to tap into their profession in a ground-breaking way. Unlike similar 3D pens in the same price range, LIX PEN UV has extraordinary potential. Artists, architects, or anyone interested in 3D printing can achieve fabulous with this printing pen. What I love about LIX brand is that they came out with a very forward-looking design in an attempt to disrupt the 3D printing pen market. This is more economical compared to the previous model I tested. LIX says that this is because their advanced R&D process minimized production costs, and they passed on the economies to the customer.

The inside components and structure of this 3D printing pen have been updated and reconstructed from the previous models, making it more durable and accommodative. You can use a wide range of filaments like fluorescent, translucent, or wood and metal-based plastic lamps. The heating and pulling mechanisms for the LIX PEN UV have been streamlined to enhance stability. You’ll never experience closing with this pen, thanks to the reconfigured draining system that eliminates plastic dust from the inside components.

I like elegant and portable gadgets, and the manufacturer has done a great job in aesthetics by making the LIX PEN UV much shorter (by 15mm) than the previous models. It’s the tiniest circular 3D pen in the world today. The LIX Pen UV combines the best pen and a 3D printer in a single package, allowing you to create robust freestanding objects hassle-free.

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Ease of use
  • Elegant design
  • Temperature Management is very good
  • Feels a little feeble
  • Costly

Technical Specifications:

  • Brand Name: LIX PEN
  • Color: GOLD,black
  • Manufacturer Part Number:5060503480278
  • ASIN: B07C1VZF72


LIX PEN Is a very great product to buy this is value for money, In other words, its bank for the buck for the customers who are hunting for the best 3D printing pen..!!!

DigiHero 3D Pen 

3d printing pen-DigiHero 3D Pen
3d printing pen-DigiHero 3D Pen

If you are hunting for a best 3D printing pen for a kid, it is essential that the 3D pen you are getting is safe to use and does not have a steep learning curve.

Most of the 3D printing pens that Right out of the box, therefore you will realize by the design and structure of the printing pen that it caters to children; the printing pen is lightweight. On top of that, you get 12 PLA filaments of random colours in the box, each 10 feet long. In addition to that, DigiHero also includes a removal tool to remove the thread that is not in use, a penholder, and a wall charger that charges your pen using a micro USB.

So far, so great, but what about the performance? The performance is what you would want in a 3D printing pen for kids. The pen lacks more of the advanced features like the removal of the nozzle, or a mechanism that can prevent the plastic from jamming when cold. These are the features that we have come to expect from many 3D printers in the market, but that is expected, especially when you consider the price of the pen. Honestly though, as far as the proper user experience goes, excellent users are not going to enjoy using DigiHero.

But when you see how the pen is being marketed or valued, it’s clear that this pen is not intended for advanced users. However, it is sad to see that despite being advertised as a pen for kids, safety features such as prevention of the ink getting jammed, or the pen stopping operation when it reaches a threshold temperature.

  • Worth the money
  • 12 PLA filaments make this pen excellent.
  • Best for kids
  • Cheap build quality

Technical Specifications:

  • Brand Name: DigiHero 3D
  • item weight:50g
  • Manufacturer reference: WTK4DPEN01
  • ASIN: B07K8NS23S


 DigiHero Is a very great product to buy this is value for money, In other words, its bank for the buck for the customers who are hunting for the best 3D printing pen..!!!

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