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Logitech MX610

Best logitech left handed mouse-Logitech MX610
Best logitech left handed mouse-Logitech MX610


If you are the person who wants the mouse, which is a left-handed mouse, that could be a better option for you. So this is the right place for you. Logitech MX610 is the perfect option for you. It is the mouse which comes with the extra-ordinary with lots of bells and whistles in it. It was a long time ago, but this is the big innovation from the Logitech is the most introducing innovation. The MX610 Left-Handed is the best left-handed Laser Wireless was it was first introduced at CeBIT in 2006, But it’s taken it’s so long it can make its name in the market which makes it so long to actually get hold of one from Logitech.

The mouse is a superb great looking device with a silver, grey, and black finish. It most perfect for the left-handed customers has plenty of features curves. With something that we’ve to look at the mechanism of the mouse.

Logitech MX610 reviews
Logitech MX610 reviews

If we talk about this Best Logitech left-handed mouse actions. There are seven functionalities on its buttons, which are perfect for the consumers, which they easily reach of index finger and thumb. Which is an excellent thing for the mouse-like that? At its fast-paced speed, the MX610 features a laser instead of a Light Emitting Diode optical sensor, which was first discovered by Logitech on the MX1000.

What Features Comes In This Mouse???

Well, lets about its great features of this mouse like this mouse do not offer the red light that optical mice have on the base, but more significantly, the laser is much rawer than Light Emitting Diodes, making it capable of working on more surfaces than optical mice. I used it primarily on my mouse device, but it looked perfectly happy on the wood grain of my desk. The mouse has a dot per inch of 800, which is fine but not as excellent as the 2,000 dots per inch offered by some dedicated gaming mice.

The mouse interacts with the small dongle using the crowded 2.4 GigaHertz frequency, and most of the users facing issues that, as a result, the mouse is likely to communicate issues. I plugged this mouse directly plugged in the USB port on my monitor, so there was very little range and indeed line of site between the two, so it’s hardly may be surprising that I experienced no such issues.

If your USB ports are only at the back of the PC and you do experience problems then a USB extender cable could be the answer. There isn’t one included in the box, but there is a PS/2 to USB converter so you can use the mouse without taking up a USB port if you don’t have one free. The 2.4 Giga-Hertz frequency also enables the mouse to up-to-date to the latest information from the PC as well as transmit – Logitech refers to it as a smart mouse. It knows when the PC is in standby mode or off and can shut itself down, which is very useful for power saving.

Featured Design..!!!

Now let’s talk about its design aspects. This mouse feels very elegant in terms of its aerodynamic design which enhances the experience of the user. The top two buttons are also set quite high on the most bulbous part of this Best Logitech left-handed mouse, so you have to remove your thumb and reach them, which is a little awkward.

Towards the front of the mouse are buttons for volume up/down and mute. Being able to control the amount this way without having to move to the keyboard is excellent, though I found that to reach the volume up button at the front, I had to reach down a little. The side buttons, which default to forward and back, are easily reachable from the thumb. Of course, it all depends on hand size, but generally, I found the feel to be good, though not quite as good as the MX Revolution did (though, of course, the caveat with that mouse is that it’s right-handed so I couldn’t use it).

As well as the usual scroll and click, the mouse wheel can also be moved from side to side, useful for web pages and Excel. I found that it didn’t click as quickly as my regular Logitech wired mouse, and I work harder to get it to do so.

Having a contoured mouse felt a little unusual to me, but I quickly got used to it. Even though It was a great choice to use this left-hand side of the keyboard, I have always kept the left and right-click buttons the natural way round. However, if we talk about this mouse, It has the luxury factor in it to switch it around, as the index finger is faster for doing those left clicks.

Logitech MX610 buyer guide in 2020
Logitech MX610 buyer guide in 2020

Technical Specifications of Best Logitech left-handed mouse

  • Device Type: mouse
  • Wireless Receiver: USB / PS/2 wireless receiver
  • Manufacturer:Logitech
  • Connectivity Technology: wireless
  • Interface:RF
  • Movement Detection Technology: laser
  • Product Type: mouse
  • Microsoft Certifications: Certified for Windows Vista
  • Brand:Logitech
  • Product Line: Logitech MX
  • Model:MX610
  • Country Kits: United States
  • Packaged Quantity: 1
  • Compatibility:PC
  • Connector Type: 4 pin USB Type A, six-pin mini-DIN (PS/2 style)
  • Type:USB, mouse
  • Interface:generic
  • Total Qty: 1
  • Type:none
  • Type:mouse adapter
  • Form Factor: external
  • Included Qty: 1
  • Warranty:5 years warranty
  • Type:limited warranty
  • Full Contract Period: 5 years
  • Manufacturer:Logitech
  • Offers extra buttons
  • Great for gamers
  • Best for multimedia purposes
  • Best for left-handers
  • Very costly
  • Not for people with larger hands


It is the best mouse if you are the person who loves to do Gaming. You can fulfill all of your expectations by its wireless connectivity. It also features 2 Additional side buttons to add extra pleasure to your gaming experience as well. 

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